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Preparing for Home Inspection

Preparing for Home Inspection

How do you prepare for a home inspection?

Proper planning for a home inspection by the buyer and seller make home inspections go much more smoothly.

As a seller, it is best to prepare as much as possible by making sure your home is clean and presentable.

  • Allow two to three hours for a complete home inspection. Sometimes even longer depending on the size of your home, number of rooms and age of your house.
  • The buyer should accompany the inspector for best education. As the inspector finds problems, the inspector is able to explain to you in more detail by speaking with you then and there and pointing out the problem rather than trying to write a detailed report.
  • The property owner should be contacted regarding the time, date, and estimated duration of the home inspection.
  • The home inspector should have the buyer’s full name, address, and phone number, if the buyer is unable to attend the inspection. It’s best practice if you can not be present, send someone to be there anyway. They can explain to you better what situations have come up.
  • The home inspector should be contacted at least 24 hours before the inspection if the appointment needs to be canceled or postponed.
  • The property’s systems (i.e., gas, electric, water, and oil) should be turned on for the inspection. It’s pretty difficult to test electric current or water pressure when there is no service.
  • The owner should be informed that all appliances, equipment, and systems will be inspected and returned to the condition in which they were found prior to the inspection. The inspector should NEVER need to permanently damage any appliance or any part of the existing structure of the home to make an inspection.
  • Access and keys must be made available for all property, including garages, closets, attics, etc..
  • The owner should move items that block access to the furnace, the boiler, a hot-water heater, the attic, crawl spaces, access panels, electric service panels, water meter, etc…
  • All sinks, tubs, and basins should be emptied.
  • The written inspection report is provided to the buyer after the inspection. The buyer should indicate if the report should be shared with the real estate agents, realtors in Houston Heights or other parties. Often it is best to submit the findings when you are ready to make an offer, as a reason as to why you have reached the final value of the house that you have.
  • Payment is due upon completion of the inspection.

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