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Hot Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

Hot Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

Keep it real. Real clean.

Ah, the bathroom. Known as the dirtiest room in the house. It can be quite a chore to clean, but with a few simple strategies it can become much less taxing and a shorter task to complete.

Before you know it, you’ll be a bathroom cleaning pro!

The Bathtub/Shower: The shower is thought to be one of the cleanest areas of the bathroom, as opposed to the area of the toilet and it’s surroundings.

However, the bathtub has been shown to be one of the dirtiest, especially around the drain and the sides of the bathtub. One helpful tip is to use a rubber-edged bar or squeegee to wipe down the tub, fiberglass pipe and walls after every time someone takes a shower.

Another is to clear the drain of hair or other objects after each use. An easy way to clean the bath and tub area, and my personal strategy, follows (cleaning gloves optional):

1. Remove all objects from the bathtub such as shampoo, conditioner, soap dishes, etc.

2. Spray the entire area with a bathroom cleaner such as scrub free or soft scrub.

3. Let sit for around 10 minutes depending on the level of dirtiness. During this time you can use a cloth or sponge to clean the items you earlier removed from the shower/tub.

4. Return to the bathroom, (turn the fan on if you wish to relieve yourself from the chemical bathroom cleaner smell), and wipe down the entire shower and tub area with a sponge, brush, or rag starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom of the tub.

5. When you reach the sides of the tub, a toothbrush may be helpful for maximum cleaning potential.

6. If you have a moveable shower nozzle, this can be useful for washing away the dirt you have now scraped onto the bottom of the tub. If you do not have a nozzle, instead you can wash it away with buckets of water from your bathtub or sink.

7. Dry with a towel if desired, or replace all items in your bathtub/shower.

8. Clean!

The sink: The strategy for cleaning this area is very similar to that of the bathtub/shower, just on a smaller scale.

1. Remove any items from the area in and around the sink.

2. Spray a cleaning item such as soft scrub or scrub free.

3. Allow 5-10 minutes to sit.

4. Return with a sponge, brush, or cleaning rag. Wipe the area clean from the top to the bottom, (some additional scrubbing may be needed.)

5. Rinse the area clean and replace any items you may have previously moved.

6. If you have an additional nozzle or knobs, clean them in the same manner.

7. Clean!

The counter around the sink: This is similar to the above, but much simpler.

1. Remove all items on the counter.

2. Clean with water on a toothbrush, rag, or sponge and, if desired, soap.

3. Dry with towel, paper towel, sponge, or toilet paper and replace items on counter.

4. Clean!

Toilet: This is not truly the dirtiest item in your bathroom, although it can be when not enough attention is paid to it.

1. Remove any items such as a tissue box that you may have stored on top of your toilet tank.

2. Spray area with a bathroom cleaning product (any specifically for toilets).

3. Wipe down area carefully with a sponge, rag or brush.

4. Remember to wipe under the toilet lid and then under the toilet seat itself. Also remember to get the area of the toilet that is in contact with the floor!

5. To deal with the TOILET BOWL:

a) spray a toilet bowl cleaner out under the lid of the toilet.
b) wait the amount of time listed on the bottle.
c) use a toilet brush to scrub this area clean and then flush the toilet.

6. Replace items you may have moved.

7. Clean!

Floor: The bathroom floor is the last area to clean.

1. Remove items from the floor that you may have placed there.

2. Sweep the floor.

3. If desired, mop the floor. If you wish to clean it another way, you can use either a toothbrush, a rag, a brush, or several wet paper towels to scrub the floor.

4. Dry the floor with a towel, paper towels, or a sponge.

5. Replace items you may have moved.

6. Clean!

Congratulations! You have now cleaned your bathroom. 🙂

You may also wish to wipe down your mirror in a circular motion, but pretty much you have covered all the germ-ridden areas that most people worry about.

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