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Eco-friendly Holiday Gifts

best eco friendly gift ideasHop onto the “green” band wagon this year and invest in some eco-friendly gifts for those special people in your life, this article will give you some great ideas to get you started!

With the green revolution in full swing many people are looking to expand their gift giving base to eco-friendly presents this year. No longer does this merely mean different types of hemp products, but now a day you can find just about any type of product in a ‘green’ form.

While some stores, such as Whole Foods, may carry a variety of these products many are still only found online so when searching for the great gifts in this article, make sure you expand that search to the internet realm to find exactly what you are looking for.

For the women in your life there are quite a few “green” options when it comes to finding a gift. For starters you can look into getting her Cashmere Split Mittens, these are not only season appropriate but are hand crafted in Mongolia, from cashmere, by people who continue to practice their centuries old way of life.

Next, you can look into purchasing her a recycled magazine evening bag. There bags are made in Brazil and come only from recycled magazine matter. If you are fond of getting her a purse but not necessarily a magazine bag you can also look into purchasing a tree-cycle seatbelt bag which is made exclusively out of used seat belts and comes in an array of colors.

You can also look into buying her a pair of sugar cane jeans made in Japan and created out of sugar cane fibers, how sweet!

Finally, check out the online nonprofit store called Nest for a whole array of products made by women around the world, think jewelry, clothes, purses and more.

For the guys in your life eco-friendly products tend to take a little bit of a different direction but still carry the same sentiment.

Check out a solar voltaic backpack, a backpack that has solar panels and interior plugs for your cell phones, cameras, or MP3 players, plus it’s waterproof!

You can also look into either making or buying a duct tape wallet, and the good thing about these is if you get a tear, you can simply patch it up! Then for that music man in your life, look into purchasing some cardboard speakers.

Made in Japan, these speakers emphasize innovative and simple materials, processes, and packing that results in a streamlined and environmentally friendly product.

Finally, look into an Envirocycle Backyard Composter that produces quality compost quicker and easier than conventional composters by its tolling and mixing action, throw anything in there and in a matter of days its ready to reuse!

Then there are the “green” products that kids will love. For your kids this year look into purchasing some Organic Soul Rocker Kids Tees from the JoMama Company. Inspired by punk rock, these stylish t-shirts illustrate soul sayings as well as fun pictures that will give any kid spunk.

You can also look into purchasing a Snuggly Organic Cotton Turtle that is made from 100% organic cotton, Handmade in Vermont, these animals are not only super soft and adorable, but they are also machine washable!

You can show your kid that they are special by doing something unique like to name a star gift. Essentially, you’re getting your child a star with a nice certificate of ownership that they can decorate their wall with. And it’s something you can even do for adults.

Finally, if you are looking to go really green this year, look into planting a tree as a gift. There are many organizations such as The Nature Conservancy program that is dedicated to “Protecting Nature. Preserving Life” and have launched campaign to plant one billion trees in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.

This gift is about as cheap as you can get as well, it only costs one dollar to plant one tree and if you plant 50 or more trees your gift recipient also gets some other special gifts from the organization.

Best, of all when you give your loved ones the gift of trees you will get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to protect this extraordinary wild habitat which harbors 1,000 species of birds, 200 of which are not found anywhere else on Earth.

So this year if you are looking to purchase some eco-friendly gifts let this article inspire you to not only look into the items I have listed but to also go out and search for something that will be perfect for that special someone in your life.

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