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Cremation, is It Really a Choice?

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All your life, there are choices. You live your life believing we are always in control of the things we choose. Or are we?

Recently, I have been the unfortunate participant in planning a funeral. My parents have long since been deceased, since I was 7 years of age. Due to my age, I never had to deal with making funeral arrangements for them.

Throughout life, I have just had to attend services for family and friends. My mother-in-law recently passed away. We, as a family attended the funeral home, to lay our family member to rest.

But before we could do so, we had some choices to make. The type of flowers we wanted, the casket, the obituary (which is a whole different story).

I would like to say, my mother-in-law had taken a great deal of the grief and decision making out of our hands. She had been through this process when her husband died, but not a one of us there, had ever done this before.

It came time to ask the dreaded question, how much will this be? First and foremost, have some type of burial plan, if you don’t, you are in for the shock of your life. She had been paying for her plan for several years, but cost of living had not covered everything.

Yes, she had made the choice to be buried, but had we not had the money, the choice would have been made for us.

You see, there are no payment arrangements to bury your loved one, at least, not one we could find. We were told, in no uncertain terms, if you do not have the money, we can’t help you.

You heard me correctly, there are no other options other than cremation. If you don’t believe in cremation memorial services, you will now. It makes no difference what your religion or belief. You are left with no other choices.

So, unless you have seen to paying for your burial in advance, and you have no money, cremation, plain and simple. I do not want to seem cruel, but that should be a choice, not a corner you are backed into.

The moral of this, plan ahead, and if it is a sudden death and you have never been through this before, I feel for you. Death, in and of itself, is devastating. Grieving shouldn’t be compounded by making the loved ones panic and terrified, what will we do?

In death, if your not rich and ready, or have insurance, your choices are gone. Seek guidance for this situation, before it occurs. Have a the way you lay your loved ones to rest, don’t let someone make the choice for you.

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